What Homeowners Need to Know about Sump Pump Installation in Wall Township

Sump pumps provide optimal protection against basement flooding by collecting and pumping excess water away from the home. This plumbing device protects against flooding from heavy rains, unexpected plumbing issues, and grading issues. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about sump pump installation from Wall Township should read more below.

Sump Pump vs. Sump Pump Rough-in

A sump pump rough-in is not the same as a sump pump. Many homeowners have rough-ins in their basements and mistakenly believe their protected. A rough-in is just the whole in the ground that makes it easier to install the sump pump system.

A sump pump consists of a pump and the associated drain pipes needed to remove water from the pump. Sump pumps can be purchased from home improvement stores and installed by licensed plumbers. Homeowners should never try to install pumps themselves because there’s too much that could go wrong.

Consider Installing a Battery-operated Sump Backup

Sump pumps need electricity to work. When storms roll through that knock power out to communities, this means homes with sump pumps are no longer protected. Sump pumps that have a battery-operated sump backup can continue to do their job until power is restored.

Sump Pump Inspection

Sump pumps need periodic inspections to make sure they’re working. Homeowners can check the status of their pumps by pouring water into the sump pit and wait to make sure the pump turns on.

For more information about sump pump installation in Wall Township, contact Jersey Shore Lawn & Sprinkler.

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