What Is a Water-Softener System?

Hard water can be damaging to your appliances and even make the clothes you wash smell funny, which is why a lot of people choose to have a water-softening system installed. This is especially important for commercial and business facilities because the equipment they use can be expensive to replace if hard water damages it. If you’ve ever wondered, what is a water-softener system, you’ve come to the right place because it is not the same thing as a water-conditioning or water treatment system.

What Is a Water-Softener System?

As a general rule, water conditioners remove certain chemicals from the water, while water softeners remove only certain minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These are called hardness particles, and water conditioners do not remove them. Both softeners and conditioners will reduce scale buildup in the water to protect appliances and plumbing, but conditioners only do this temporarily. You’ll use less detergent and soap when you install a water-softener system, and dry skin is usually no longer a problem. For typical hard-water problems, water softeners are usually better than water conditioners.

Good for Both Families and Businesses

Many commercial and business entities install water-softening systems because it can save them a lot of money by not having to replace large, expensive machinery and equipment. If you ask yourself, what is a water-softener system, the answers usually tell you that softeners can be more beneficial to many families and businesses than water conditioners, but in the end, both serve important purposes. Water softeners also use an ion-exchange process to remove hardness particles, which is its most-important function.

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