What Is an Airwall and What Is It For?

The office has changed. Where an employee once held a single position and was expected to perform a single set of duties, today’s recruit is expected, and eager, to be versatile, to contribute their skills and insight to numerous projects. In today’s fluid and ever changing office setting in Minnesota, an airwall service ensures that physical space where you do business is just as versatile as your staff.

What Is It?

Not to be confused with an “airwall” used in computing (sort of like a security firewall), an airwall, or operable wall system, is comprised of a series of racks and panels that allow you to rebuild your office interior in minutes flat. If you need to turn the board room into a series of small offices for a new team of temps, you just rearrange the walls and put a few desks in the room, and you’re all set.

Like Cubicles?

Not exactly. A cubicle is essentially a tiny dedicated office space for a single employee. As long as that employee holds the same job, they’re likely to keep the same cubicle for the duration of their employment. With the help of an airwall service, Minnesota offices become more dynamic. Cubicles are semi-permanent fixtures, whereas airwalls are meant to be rearranged frequently. The two concepts are somewhat similar in construction, but not in purpose.

Why Are Offices Using Airwalls Anyway?

If your office can quickly adapt to whatever the market demands of it, your office can stay ahead of the game and get things done in a fraction of the time it would take a more conventional office to achieve the same goal. For many offices in Wisconsin and Minnesota, an airwall service is the way to make that happen.

In the twenty-first century, a business has to move fast, and to move fast, it has to be flexible, and for many offices in Minnesota, airwall service helps them to meet that demand and stay competitive.

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