What is Involved in Senior Care Services in Newnan, GA?

As loved ones get older, family members begin to prepare for their care and well-being. Many elderly people have certain requests they want to be followed as they get into their senior years regarding caretaking. Some elderly people are adamant they do not want to go into an assisted living or nursing home. They may prefer home health care and Senior Care Services in Newnan, GA. It is important to know what is involved in these senior care services prior to hiring a company. Listed below are some of the basic things taken care of with senior care at home.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is important when it comes to many elderly people because they often do not realize when they have serious medical conditions and need a healthcare professional. For example, older people are at risk for strokes, heart attacks, seizures, falls, and more. Their bones are not as strong as they once were so, if they do fall, they could become injured to the point where they are not able to help themselves. Some elderly people may also need oxygen, daily vital signs monitoring, blood pressure checks, and other things that a nurse can help with.

Light Laundry and Cleaning

Because senior citizens are not able to move around as much as they once could, some home care services offer light cleaning and housekeeping. This includes laundry service, preparing meals, and cleaning dishes. It does not often provide deep cleaning services like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and bathroom fixtures.

Prescription Assistance

Elderly people are typically on several vitamins and medications. They not only need reminders to take these but also, sometimes, need help administering them. If it is a shot that needs to be given, they may need assistance with this or someone to do it for them. A senior care nurse will be able to help with this.


Bathing of elderly patients is a service included in almost all home health care. Some older people may not need help with this while others do.

Home health care and Senior Care Services in Newnan, GA are a good option for those who do not want to move out of their homes. The times and days are as flexible as people need them to be, and some even offer around-the-clock care. People can visit online or call Sacred Journey Hospice for more information.

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