What Is Sciatica Nerve Pain In Corinth, MS?

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Health

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Mississippi pain sufferers can seek more effective remedies through chiropractic services. It is the goal of all chiropractors to provide pain relief that improves the quality of the patients’ lives as well as their ability to move without suffering. If you have Sciatica Nerve Pain in Corinth MS today, you should seek treatment through your preferred chiropractic service.

How Pain is Treated

Chiropractors throughout the state offer a wide range of services to treat nerve pain that is caused by disease and other underlying conditions. Although treatment for sciatica nerve pain in Corinth MS is effective, the chiropractor must perform an evaluation before offering these services. This type of pain possesses several categories and ranges of intensity. For this reason, the practitioner should determine how the treatment affects the patient before proceeding.

The primary focus for doctors when evaluating sciatica is to determine what is causing it. This condition is not a disorder all its own, but a symptom of a potentially chronic illness. The varying levels of pain could include burning, dull aches, or numbness.

Common causes of this pain are herniated discs in the back which resulted from an accident or trauma, constipation, misalignment of the spine, and tumors. It is likely that women will experience this pain during pregnancy during the late trimesters. However, it is possible that a diagnosis of Piriformis syndrome could be identified during testing.

This condition is present in lower muscles of the back at the location in which the spine is connected to the thighbones. It could prevent adequate hip rotation and lead to significant pain for the patient. Once the Piriformis muscle is damaged it is likely that the patient will continue to experience pain until it has healed completely. Common occurrences that lead to this condition are automobile accidents, slips and falls, arthritis, and misalignment, which could cause a pinched nerve.

Chiropractic services are available to patients who experience frequent or persistent pain. Conditions that cause this pain are often identified by a chiropractor. These practitioners could provide spinal alignments, decompression, or massage therapy as treatment options instead of surgery. If you wish to learn more about these practices, you should schedule a consultation today.

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