What is the Difference Between “Cheap” St. Augustine Auto Insurance and Affordable Insurance?

Everyone has seen those “discount St. Augustine auto insurance” commercials on television. It sounds like a such a great way to save some money. Discount auto insurance is a good idea; it is a good way to save some money but buyer beware. There is a difference between cheap auto insurance and affordable auto insurance and it has very little to do with the price of the policy. You can get auto insurance that is affordable that some may even call “cheap” without having to worry about the quality of the plan but you have to be able to be able to compare your options. A trusted agent can help.

Once Upon a Time

Before insurance became a free for all of discount this and cheaper that, it was not really markedly more expensive BUT you used a reliable agent that would help you to choose a plan that was cost effective and protective. Today people can be lured into the “instant” internet options but not really know what they are getting into. Auto insurance is a very important decision, unfortunately many people do not find out that they should have had a little help choosing the right plan until after an accident. With a little help you can avoid all the pitfalls.

The Difference

If you opt for a “cheap” plan you may find that if you are in an accident that everything from reporting the accident to getting the damage taken care of is chock full of frustration. A cheap plan is one where:

  • Personalized attention is hard to get
  • You are faced with a lot of out of pocket expenses
  • A lot of things are not covered
  • You are dealing with an ala carte menu of coverage and one wrong click means you are not covered

A cheap plan will often cost you far more in the end. An affordable plan means you get to save AND keep all the benefits that make auto insurance a valuable asset. The bottom line is an agent that specializes in auto insurance is probably a better source to get your insurance from then some faceless nameless website. Before you decide on which plan is right for your needs gets some expert input from a trusted source. Having some help can go a long way in saving you more money overall.

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