What Is The State Of Window Washing In New York, Today?

The days of cleaning windows with a bucket, some cloths, and a ladder have become something of the past, as buildings grew taller. Downtown skyscraper buildings needing window washing in New York require specialized (and safe) equipment to work on the outside surfaces but what about all the basic residential homes located around the suburbs forming the Greater Metropolitan Area? These are usually an either single or double story and their windows will get dirty and need to be cleaned. The householders could do this for themselves but do they have both the time and the inclination? Unfortunately, the guy with his ladder does not seem to roam very far into suburbia despite the abundance of windows needing cleaning.

What Happened To The One Man Business?

This is not an easy question to answer although it is something of a “sign of the times”. People’s desires for more comfortable working conditions, regular paychecks, improved benefits, etc all played a part in the changeover. The business changed from a “one-man band” to a contracting firm employing a sizeable number of cleaning “operatives” who utilize a fleet of vehicles to go out and provide window washing to New York and its suburbs. This work is usually carried out on a pre-arranged appointment basis – often as part of a repeat visit contract.

Does The Customer Benefit?

First of all, householders now know precisely when people are coming to do the work. Secondly, there is a firm to complain to if the work does not meet expectations. In addition, the firm ensures the cleaners against accidents and also carries insurance to compensate customers in the event of problems that could occur both outside and within the householder’s property (remember, windows can get dirty on the inside as well as outside).

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