What Makes Pet Products and Accessories Ethical?

Ethical pet products in Jacksonville are an essential part of an Earth-conscious and community-driven family. The family pet must be fed wonderful food, given good toys, and offered accessories or clothes that make their lives better. An ethical pet product adheres to a few simple concepts, allows pet owners to buy something they can believe in and is good for the environment. Three basic mandates ensure that every product brought home for the family pet is worthy of being called ethical.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical pet products in Jacksonville are made from raw materials that are sourced in the fairest ways possible. They are made in factories that adhere to strict ethical standards, and the companies running those factories must treat their employees well. The products embody the word ethical from the beginning of their production to the end, and the people who make them are not put in harm’s way simply to make a dog collar or sweater.

No Harm Comes to Animals

Animals are not used in the testing of ethical pet products, and animals cannot be harmed by these products. Families purchasing ethical pet products in Jacksonville can be assured that the product is not harmful to any living thing.

Recycled Materials

Ethical products are often made from recycled materials, and the factories making these products will attempt to use as many recycled raw materials as possible. This mandate ensures that the environment is safer, and those buying products made from recycled materials know they are doing their part. A simple choice such as this ensures pet owners have found something for their pets that was kind to the planet and other animals.

Earth Pets Natural Pet Market offers Gainesville and Jacksonville ethical pet products that every family needs. Pets are welcome, and the company is experts in advanced/cutting edge pet food and accessories.

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