What Merge Purge Software Is And Why You Need It

Merge Purge software allows you to combine any multiple records in a list or database that are located elsewhere. In short, you can compile all your duplicate entries and remove any that are no longer necessary or needed. The point of the program is to create one ultimate list that contains unique addresses and names with no duplicates.

Why It’s Important

Primarily, businesses and organizations likely have a huge mailing list that they use each week or month to send information about services and products. Over time, that information may become incorrect, and a new entry is provided, creating two almost identical items. This can get messy and confusing for the system, which makes it run slower and can lead to duplicate mailings sent out to the same person.

An Example

For example, imagine that you have a database full of customer IDs, names, and addresses. You have Bob Smith as a customer, with his address of 111 Simple Street, New York, NY 11111. What happens if he sends you correspondence or requests that his full name of Robert be used? The person answering the request is likely to create a new record with a new customer ID. Now, you have two listings for the same person, making it tough to determine which one is correct. It can lead to billing problems, but it can also mean that you send Bob the same information twice.


Merge Purge software ensures that the scenario mentioned earlier doesn’t happen, but it can also make employees more productive. They don’t have to search through multiple listings and determine which one is right, nor do they have to wait for their system to run through all the information. You’ll also save money with Merge Purge software because you’re not sending two of the same thing to customers. Plus, customers will be happier because they’re mailbox isn’t stuffed with duplicates.

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