What To Expect From 24 Hour Bail Service In Jefferson County, TX

In Texas, criminal defendants are eligible for bail according to their charge and whether or not they are a flight risk. The judge makes the distinction during an arraignment. Those who are eligible for bail could get released sooner by purchasing a bail bond. A 24 hour bail service in Jefferson County, TX could help the defendant get released after a small cash payment is made.

Fast Bonding Services

The bail bondsman provides fast bonding services for all criminal defendants. The general turnaround time is about two hours typically. Most bail bondsmen have an additional contact number if their services are needed after hours. Their services are also available on the weekends.

Options for Weekend Releases

Select bail bondsmen have connections with local criminal court judges. Whenever possible, the bondsman can contact a judge to acquire the necessary signature to help the defendant get out of jail. However, if a criminal court judge isn’t available, the defendant will have to wait until the following Monday to acquire a bail bond.

Processing the Bail Bond

The bail bondsman processes the bail bond by acquiring the payment from the defendant or their representative. The documents are sent to the judge who will sign them and approve the bail bond for the defendant. Next, the bail bondsman delivers the paperwork to the county jail, and the correctional officers start out-processing for the defendant. The defendant changes back into their street clothes and must sign for their belongings. The correctional officers explain the terms of the defendant’s release.

What Defendants Should Know

The defendants must understand that if they don’t appear in court as expected, the judge will sign a bench warrant. If they don’t appear, their bail bond is revoked. Law enforcement can arrest them on sight and without probable cause. The defendant may be ineligible for a new bail bond.

In Texas, criminal defendants secure bail bonds through bondsmen. The defendant has access to a bondsman via the county jail in most cases. The bondsman provides the bond after the defendant or their representative provides a payment or collateral. Defendants who need assistance from a 24 hour bail service in Jefferson County, TX are encouraged to contact Professional Bail Bonding right now.

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