What to Expect from Newborn Care in Logan

Getting the proper care for your newborn involves having a pediatrician lined up before your child is born. Shortly after going home from the hospital, you need to make an appointment for newborn care in Logan. The following are some of the things you should expect at your baby’s appointment.

Measurements and Vitals

One of the first steps in newborn care in Logan is taking your baby’s measurements and vitals. These measurements are critical to set a baseline for your child’s growth and development. Their vitals can also give important clues to their overall health. These steps will be a significant part of appointments throughout your baby’s childhood.


Another critical aspect of newborn care in Logan is screening your baby for common childhood illnesses. The earlier these health conditions are diagnosed, the more effective treatments can be to give your baby a better quality of life. The doctor will also look for newborn-related conditions, such as jaundice, cradle cap, and feeding issues, to help you take better care of your child. A hearing screening may also be performed if it wasn’t at the hospital.

Your Baby’s Routine

Even though this newborn care appointment in Logan takes place shortly after your baby is born, you should arrive ready to answer questions about their routine, such as eating habits, sleeping habits, and bowel movements. This information may seem irrelevant, but it’s critical to helping your baby’s doctor evaluate how well they are doing.

If you need a doctor’s appointment for newborn care in Logan, visit the Alder Grove Pediatrics to schedule a visit with their team.

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