What To Expect From Professional Pet Care

In Virginia, veterinary services help pet owners improve the health of their pets. The doctors complete assessments of the pets at any time they become ill. Animal hospitals provide a variety of services to eliminate common conditions and protect animals from potential health risks. The local animal hospital offers extraordinary pet care in Alexandria VA.

Regular Vaccinations for Pets

All pets need regular vaccinations according to the latest state laws. A failure to vaccinate pets for the rabies virus leads to dangerous circumstances and hefty fines. The vet explains all vaccinations that dogs and cats require to keep them healthy and safe from diseases.

Wellness Checks and Checkups

Vets schedule wellness exams and checkups for all their patients. All pets should visit the vet at least once a year for a checkup. During the checkup, the vet completes a physical examination to check for age and breed-related conditions. Next, a stool sample is taken to test for possible parasites. Blood tests are conducted to determine if the pet has any potential illnesses.

Treatment for Common Parasites

The treatment for common parasites requires a prescription in most cases. However, in the most severe of cases, the pet might have to undergo surgery to remove all the parasites. The findings from the pet’s stool sample indicate what parasite the pet has. The vet explains all possible treatment options with the pet owner. Further tests are conducted if the pet’s health is declining.

Healthcare for Pets of All Ages

Veterinarians conduct healthcare practices for pets of all ages. The medical professionals provide treatment for all underlying conditions, such as joint-related illnesses and bacterial infections. The animal doctors perform surgical procedures to correct conditions of the bones, organs, and muscles.

In Virginia, veterinary services are vital for keeping all pets healthy and allow them to live longer lives. Vets complete annual checkups for the pets and offer regular vaccinations for all animal breeds. The animal doctors perform treatments for common conditions, including parasites and flea infestations. Pet owners who want more information about professional pet care in Alexandria VA are encouraged to contact Hayfield Animal Hospital for an appointment right now.

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