What to Know About In-Floor Heat

When people replace the tile in their bathrooms, they often choose to add in-floor heat. Radiant heat is popular because it can use electrical current or hydronic flow to add heat to a floor space. When the heat is produced in the floor, it spreads to other objects throughout the room so it will gradually heat the entire space. There are different systems that people choose when they want this option.

Easy to Install

As long as people know how to install in-floor heating, it isn’t a complicated process. If there isn’t access to the space under the floor, it is ideal to remove the existing floor down to the subfloor before installing the radiant heat system.

Once the flooring material is removed, the electric floor heating cable or mats are laid out to cover the floor area. It is important now to overlap the mats. Then they staple or attach the cables or mats to the subfloor, and the wires that are connected should be taped to the wall above the floor. Next, connect the electricity and then install the new floor. The in-floor heating will be working.

Benefits of In-Floor Heating

In-floor heating is associated with luxury and comfort because people enjoy a warm tile floor on cold days. There are many benefits to radiant heat. It can uniformly heat a room and floor. The heat is more evenly distributed than it is when blown out of vents. Another benefit is that it requires no maintenance and it doesn’t make any noise. It is also energy-efficient.

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