What to think about when choosing a home cleaning service

To hire a housekeeper or not is a personal decision, one that, in the eyes of many, offers different advantages and disadvantages. There are cost and privacy considerations, as well as schedule and the convenience of never worrying about home cleaning.  All these fall to the back when it comes to the actual choice of a home cleaning company. If you do not make the right choices, chances are you will end up with a poorly done job. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a Home Cleaning Service in Weehawken.


Just like in any other service industry, everyone wants the best for their home, a tried and tested professional. The only way to guarantee that the cleaning service you choose is the best is through referrals. Go for that company that has a strong reputation. Ask around from friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. Who would they recommend? Would they use the same company if given the chance?


Before committing to the cleaning service, conduct a comprehensive interview, preferably on the phone. Most cleaning service providers will be able to offer free consultation and walk you through their process. Make sure you ask them about what is important to you, like the type of products they use, their schedule, paperwork, licensing and bonding in the state. Ask them how long they have been in the business and whether they are insured.

Hire an Individual or service?

This is one of the decisions you will likely have to make when choosing a cleaning service. Despite the advantages an individual might offer, going with a company is ultimately the better decision. Companies, what with the staff available to them and the equipment and capabilities, will always be in a better position to handle your cleaning.

Before the Cleaning

Be wary of the cleaning service that starts off before getting a clear picture of the job. Do a walk through with the cleaners before they begin. Knowing the exact extent of the job is an important consideration when choosing the number of people for the job, the time estimate, equipment and supplies to use and the overall cost.

Finding a Home cleaning service has never been easier. Call Maid in Hoboken today on 201.659.9500 or visit the company website for more information.

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