What You Need to Do Before Resurfacing Your Pool

If you’re in the market for a Glendale, AZ pool resurfacing service, there are a few things that you are going to want to cross off of your to-do list before you make the call.

Contact Your City Planning Department

The first step should be to contact your city planning department. You’ll want to ask them a few basic questions before you call your Glendale, AZ pool resurfacing service:

– Do I need a permit to resurface my pool? This can depend on a number of factors. Do you live in the city, or are you rural? When are you planning to have the resurfacing done? Ask before you call your resurfacing service in Glendale, AZ.

– Where can I drain the water? When dealing with a high volume of chlorinated water, you may need to have it transported somewhere rather than simply dumping it into the sewer.

– Is there anything else I need to know? This simple question can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Drain Your Pool

A simple pump will do the trick. You may need to haul the water elsewhere, or you might be able to pour it right into the sewer. If you own a piece of land out in a rural area, you might even be able to just pour it out wherever you want.

Clean Your Pool

The extent to which you are going to be cleaning your pool depends on a number of things. Your Glendale, AZ pool resurfacing service may be able to break all the old plaster off for you, and you might only need to clear your pool of clutter, old toys, and so on. Or you might want to save money by breaking the plaster yourself with a chisel. It’s up to you.

Resurfacing your pool is like having it installed fresh all over again, that excitement of diving in for your first swim. The end result will be a beautiful, clean, sparkling surface for the summer.

Arizona Pool & Spa specializes in remodeling and resurfacing pools and hot tubs in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Glendale area. Whether you need a simple patch-up or a full revamp, Arizona Pool & Spa is here to get Arizona families ready for summer.

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