What You Should Know When It Comes to Soil Testing in Avon, IN

Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, you must have healthy soil if you are to see good results. Testing your soil prior to farming is imperative, especially if you are in the agricultural industry. Testing allows you to detect any disease or nutrient deficiencies that might prevent your crops from growing properly.

If you are in need of soil testing in Avon IN, here are some things you should know.

Know What To Look For

Even if you are totally new to gardening and have no idea what to look for, one of the main things you should test is your soil’s pH levels. This is an important factor as an improper pH can result in your plants becoming malnourished. It is also good to make sure your soil contains potassium and phosphorus as plants require large doses of these particular nutrients.

How To Collect Samples

Even if you have a small garden, simply digging up a cup of soil might not be sufficient. First, pick a testing site that has not been used for compost or is close to a fence. Try to dig in random spots throughout the area, and mix them all together. From this gathering, you can retrieve about a cup-sized sample, and that should give you a more accurate test result.

When properly done, soil testing will help guide you when it comes to taking care of your plants. Once you know what minerals and nutrients they are lacking, you can supplement that by using the proper fertilizer, plant food, et cetera.

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