When is Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington Florida Needed?

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Pest Control Service

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The need for Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida can be difficult to determine just by looking at the lawn. Once the lawn begins to visibly deteriorate, most of the damage is already done. The time to have treatment completed is at the start of a problem. Many home and business owners choose to be proactive to protect their investment in the property.

Treatment for What?

There are some obvious reasons for Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida, such as weeds, dead tree branches, and ant hills. Others are not clearly noticeable. Whiteflies live in plants, but are tiny and feed on the underside of the leaves. That combination allows them to destroy plants before they are detected.

Mold, fungus, and bark diseases are also not apparent until severe damage is visible. Treatments for common pests outside will prevent them from getting inside. Safe and effective spraying for ants on the lawn and around the perimeter of the building, for example, will keep them from building nests in the yard and entering the home. Treatments for mosquitoes allow owners to get maximum enjoyment out of the yard and not get bitten inside the house.


The best way to know exactly what Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida will help keep the yard healthy is to have it inspected by experienced professionals. A company that provides both pest control and lawn care, such as Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida, will offer free inspections to determine the most appropriate course of action. Assessing the current condition of the property will lead to recommendations for care.

Owners can ask questions, discover the likelihood of a problem, and select the needed treatment. Those with no immediate needs for treatment may want to be proactive to avoid the destruction of property. It is often more cost-effective to prevent a problem than to treat one. Deterring termites from entering the house via preventative treatment will cost substantially less than eliminating them later and repairing all the damage.


Affordable services include complete pest control, fertilization, root feeding, weed control, lawn maintenance, bed bug and termite eradication, and fungus control. Ornamental care for plants and garden borders is also offered. Combination packages are available to help property owners save even more money. Browse website for more information.

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