When Should Homeowners Seek Termite Treatment?

Every home can be in danger of termite damage so it is crucial homeowners seek a termite inspection at least once a year and do all they can to protect their property. It is also important homeowners are aware of the warning signs that should prompt them to seek termite treatments in Cairns. If termites are left in place for extended periods of time, they can cause massive damage that can cause thousands of dollars in expenses.

These warning signs should encourage homeowners to seek treatment:

  • If a homeowner should notice weak wood areas in their home, this could be a sign termites are doing damage. Hollow sounding wood should not be ignored because termites can consume a foot of wood every six months, depending on how large and mature the colony.
  • Termites will sometimes shed their wings in piles along the floorboards or in windowsills. These wings resemble fish scales. If the wings are found, a homeowner can be sure they have a termite problem that needs to be immediately addressed with Termite Treatments in Cairns.
  • There are some types of termites that build mud nest tubes. This type of termite is called subterranean and it can cause major damage to a home. If mud tubes are seen on the outside of a home, the homeowner needs to contact a pest control company immediately.
  • A homeowner may also notice swarming termites around light sources around their property. If seen outside, this does not necessarily mean termites have invaded the property but it needs to be inspected to ensure there is no damage occurring.
  • Homeowners can also check the wood mulch around the base of their home to check for signs of termites. If they are present in these areas, chances are good they have breached the home and are causing damage.

If your home is experiencing any of these signs, it is imperative you seek pest control services right away. Contact Flick Pest Control Cairns and ask them to schedule you a termite inspection so you can learn what can be done to effectively remove them from your home. Call today for your appointment.

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