When Should You Replace Your Drive Axle?

Drive axles are crucial components of an engine-powered vehicle because they transfer the engine’s energy and torque from the transmission on all front or rear wheels. They respond to the steering wheel input to determine the power distribution mechanisms to the wheels. These axles run from the differential to the wheels to move an automobile.

Complex Components of a Drive Axle

Drive axles may seem simple, but they are complex pieces of equipment. Parts of the system include;

  • Axle
  • Driveshaft
  • Constant Velocity (CV) joints
  • Axle housing
  • Differential
  • Universal joint

Common Problems with the Drive Axles

  • Poor Lubrication

The axle joint in the CV joint should be lubricated to function properly. Poor lubrication leads to excess friction on the drive axle, causing it to break down.

  • Worn Out Boots

CV joints in the axle housing are covered with rubber boots to protect the axles. High-stress levels during operation or lack of lubrication may cause these boots to split.

  • Overloading The Vehicle

Drive axles are built to sustain a certain weight for normal operation. The drive axle may break if drivers add excess weight beyond the maximum payload.

When Should You Replace A Drive Axle?

Once you understand the common problems with drive axles, you can check for symptoms. These help you determine whether you need a repair.

  • Clicking Sounds

Your drive axles may start to fail when you notice clicking sounds when turning. This shows that the CJ joints are non-functional. These joints have to be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning well.

  • Grease On Tires

CV joints are lubricated with grease then covered with the boots. When you realize that some grease is leaking onto the tires, the boots are likely damaged, and you should visit an auto shop immediately.

  • Vibrations When Driving

Your car cannot balance well in motion if the driveshaft and CV joint have gone bad. The vehicle may start to vibrate, especially when picking speeds. When your vehicle vibrates abnormally, please take it to a repair shop to replace the drive axle.

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