When to Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer in Bremerton

After a car accident, it may be necessary for the injured person to speak with a Car Accident Lawyer in Bremerton about their case. This allows them to get more information on compensation that may be owed to them as well as to get help understanding what happens next. There are three distinct points in a case where the injured party should consider speaking with a lawyer before proceeding further.

Quickly After the Accident

An injured person has the option of contacting an attorney right after the accident happens and after they’ve sought medical treatment for any injuries. This allows the attorney to start working on the case quickly, which may be necessary if there is evidence that should be collected to show who caused the accident or how it occurred. This is the most common time for an injured person to contact an attorney for help, as it ensures an attorney can handle every part of the case going forward. 

After Talking to Insurance Companies

Someone who is in a car accident will likely call their insurance company after the accident to file the claim. However, dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, and it’s important the injured person is careful with what they say to the negligent party’s insurance company. Instead, after talking to their insurance company, the injured person may elect to contact a lawyer so they can get help dealing with the other person’s insurance company. 

Before Accepting Any Settlement

Once the injured person is offered a settlement, they’ll need to determine if the offer should be accepted. If they are unsure as to whether the settlement is sufficient to cover all medical and other expenses from the accident or know the offer is too low, they might decide to speak with an attorney. This is the last chance to speak with an attorney about the case, because it’s difficult to get more money after a settlement is already accepted. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, go ahead and get a lawyer to start working on your case today so they can handle everything for you. Visit the website for a Car Accident Lawyer in Bremerton now to learn more about what they can do to help. 

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