When You Need Bail Bonds in Jacksonville, FL

No one wants to spend even one night in jail if they can avoid it. If an individual has been mandated to serve time in jail but has a bond set, they will remain in custody until the bail can be paid. There are agencies that provide Bail Bonds in Jacksonville, FL, for those who cannot afford to meet their bail commitments. Here is a look at the bail bonds process in Florida.

Bail Bonds in Florida
When a person has been arrested, the judge will offer the defendant the opportunity to pay cash bail or some other form of payment if the person is not released on their recognizance. Many people will choose to use a bail bonds agency to help them avoid jail or get out of it because the form of payment is going to be cheaper. The bail bonds agency will typically charge a client 10 percent of the total cash bail for the person to get out of jail.

More About Bail Bonds in Florida
Depending on how much the total cash bail is, the defendant may also be required to offer some form of collateral, such as a house, a boat, or jewelry. The collateral will be released and returned once the defendant has satisfied all the court appearances, but the 10 percent will be kept because it is the fee the bail bonds agency charges. In some cases, a bail bonds agency will work with a defendant on the down payment to make it easier for them to get out of jail.

A Bail Bonds Agency in Florida
Many agencies throughout Florida offer their services to clients who want or need to get out of jail. Bill and Bill Bail Bonds #1 is a company that provides services to defendants and their families in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Anyone in need of bail bonds in Jacksonville, FL, can contact this agency.

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