Where to Buy Beautiful & Spectacular Type of Fountain Grass in Florida

Many landscapers and gardening enthusiasts love to experiment with different border plants and ones that can withstand hot temperatures and drought conditions. Fountain grass is ideal for this purpose. Learn where to buy beautiful and spectacular types of fountain grass in Florida.

Where Fountain Grass Grows in Nature

Once found in faraway hot and arid regions, this grass can now be found in warmer states in the south and southwest regions of the United States. There are several species of this glorious ornamental grass that gets its very name from the way that the plant shoots upwards and outwards just like a typical garden fountain tends to do when running.

Originally, these plants were predominately found in countries like the northern portions of Africa. Today, these plants have been introduced into southern regions of this country and may be known as Swamp Foxtail Grass.

Some Unique Facts Regarding Fountain Grass

This grass plant is considered a perennial. It looks gorgeous when it is planted where the sun rises or sets directly behind this plant. The magnificent leaves that start in a central clump will cascade outwards much like the flow of water inside of a fountain. These plants produce mounds, and most landscapers with experience like this plant due to its minimal care requirements and high tolerance for hot, sunny and arid climates.

Find Purple & Pearl-White Fountain Grass from a Florida Nursery

Consider purchasing purple or pearl-white fountain grass plants online. Contact Plant Life Farms at https://www.plantlifefarms.com.

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