Who Needs Individual Health Insurance in New Jersey?

For people who have been covered under group plans for most of their lives, it may be a little difficult to understand just how much of a demand exists for Individual Health Insurance in New Jersey. In fact, there are a number of people who seek this type of coverage for one reason or another. Here are a few examples.

Freelance Professionals

People who choose to work for themselves in various types of freelance careers are likely to seek out Individual Health Insurance in New Jersey. This is especially true when they are not eligible for membership in some sort of business association offering a group plan as part of the membership benefits. Since the professional does not have an employer per se, and clients do not provide benefits of this type, it makes sense to find an insurance provider that offers a plan at a price the freelancer can afford.

People Who Are In Between Jobs

Being out of work does not mean the chances for a medical emergency are suspended until a new job is found. One way to bridge the gap and remain covered is to find a short-term health insurance plan that will fit into the household budget. Plans of this type can be secured for several months of coverage at a time. This makes it all the easier to find something that will stay in effect long enough for the covered party to complete the probationary period with a new employer and once again have access to group insurance.

People Who Are Not Covered at Work

Many jobs do not include health insurance as one of the benefits. This includes positions classed as part time. This means that while an individual may hold down two part time jobs, he or she would not have coverage with either employer. By seeking an individual plan that is reasonably priced, the individual can rest assured there will be support when there is the need to see a doctor, buy medication, or be treated in a hospital.

The bottom line is that many people do need individual health coverage. Find a provider that offers this option, and visit their website to see what types of plans are available. In many cases, the application process is easy, and the applicant will be covered in no time at all.

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