Wholesale Distributor of Industrial Supplies to OEM, MRO & the Construction Industry

There are a number of benefits to purchasing from a wholesale distributor of industrial supplies if you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) provider, or work in the construction industry. At Class C Components, we are an experienced and reliable wholesale distributor offering an extensive fastener industrial supply. Minnesota OEM, MRO, and construction firms can benefit significantly from our fastener product selection.

Wholesale Distributors
Wholesalers distribute specific products to retailers which they sell at a retail price. The retailers purchase in bulk at wholesale prices instead of purchasing the products individually or in small quantities at higher prices. Wholesalers usually purchase straight from the product manufacturer. Typically wholesalers focus on selling a specific category of products or even a specific product.

In choosing a wholesale fastener distributor, it is important to consider the following factors.

Industry Experience
The level of experience possessed by a particular industrial supply fastener distributor is a key consideration. Wholesale distributors with sufficient experience will possess the resources and know-how that other distributors many lack, and can offer their knowledge to help you make the best fastener selection for your industrial/commercial project and applications.

Product Reliability
The reliability of the fasteners provided by a host of distributor of industrial supplies is one of the most important considerations to make in your selection of a fastener distributor. The best industrial distributors will supply highly dependable fastener products that provide exceptional performance, have long service lives, and are highly durable.

Customer Service
The nature of the customer service offered by a particular wholesale fastener distributor of industrial supplies is an additional factor to consider. It is highly beneficial to have experienced professionals available within a wholesale fastener distributor to whom you can ask questions and receive advice and answers about specific fastener products and options.

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