Why a Plumber Should Fix a Clogged Drain

Thanks to the Internet’s DIY home repair videos, thousands of homeowners now attempt to fix their own plumbing. While the more experienced may succeed with minor problems, something as simple as a clogged drain should be looked at by professionals like Smoak’s Comfort Control. A backup may seem like a quick fix, but often signals much more serious problems which professionals can quickly spot.

Plumbers Clear Drains Quickly

A clogged drain is often a one-time issue caused when foreign objects block water flow. The kids may have shoved a toy into the toilet or dropped something that is too big for the sink drain. Professional Plumbers in Mt Pleasant SC have the tools to quickly retrieve these objects and can also detect any harmful residue buildup. They may use “snakes” to clear passageways, but many routinely offer water jetting that can return pipes to the like-new, running condition. Technicians can spot and fix issues like low water pressure and leaks. In many cases, they find that plumbing issues are actually a sewer problem.

Professionals Quickly Find Sewer Problems

Because sewer issues can result in foul odors and unhealthy backups, full-service plumbers offer 24-hour emergency service. They often find that waste water in yards, sinkholes and even rodent infestations are linked to broken sewer lines. Most can inspect lines remotely and locate causes very quickly. They act fast in order to prevent further damage to plumbing systems and homes.

Trenchless Systems Minimize Disruption

Professionals often find that sewers have been damaged by encroaching tree roots or cracks. Some pipes even collapse after many years in the ground. Traditionally, plumbers would dig up yards, remove pipes and then replace them with new ones. Today they often use trenchless systems. Technicians work from a few small holes placed at the beginning and end of pipes. They insert specially-designed materials through the entrances and reline original piping. Workers do not dig up yards, disturb landscaping, or ruin sidewalks and driveways.

Even basic plumbing problems should be handled by experts. Experienced technicians will quickly find the reasons for clogged drains and then clean them out. They also correct any other issues they find, including cracked sewer pipes. Many now use trenchless processes that fix sewer problems from above ground, without disturbing property. Visit https://www.smoakscomfort.com/ for more information.

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