Why A Pre-Owned Chevy In Plainfield Is The Perfect First Car

Regardless of how old you are when you buy your very first car, it’s an exciting time. Your own car represents freedom – freedom from parents, or from public transit, or from relying on other people for your transportation needs. This purchase is a major step for many people, and requires careful consideration. Here are a few reasons why a pre-owned Chevy in Plainfield is the perfect first car.

Depreciation Isn’t A Concern

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to buying a new vehicle is depreciation – in multiple ways. Financially speaking, new cars depreciate considerably the moment they are driven off the lot, and can often lose a great deal of their value during the first year of ownership. There is also “emotional depreciation” for owners of new cars to watch out for. This involves the emotional toll that the first sign of damage such as a scratch or ding can cause. Owners of pre-owned vehicles tend to deal with less depreciation concerns, because the car has already experienced that type of depreciation.


As long as you buy your pre-owned car from a reputable dealer, and not a private individual, you can drive away knowing your vehicle is likely in good condition. Most reputable dealers will have the car examined and detailed, and will have made any major repairs before putting the car on the lot. Chevrolet is known for being a manufacturer or reliable vehicles, that can last the test of time as long as they are well maintained. This makes them an excellent choice for a first car.


Pre-owned vehicles can often be significantly more affordable than new ones, and to a consumer buying his or her first car, this can be incredibly important. This can help you manage your budget while still being able to benefit from having a vehicle. In addition, insurance tends to be cheaper with pre-owned vehicles, lowering another monthly payment.

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