Why an Arts Administration Masters Degree Can Be a Practical Career Move

Many men and women who love art and enjoy creating their own pieces do not pursue a career as an artist. They may realize they are not quite dedicated enough to make a living in this fiercely competitive environment. Completing an arts administration master’s degree allows them to be employed in a relevant setting and work on their own pieces in their free time.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Well-meaning parents and friends of these individuals may try to talk them out of this type of degree. They do not see it as a practical choice. They know that jobs are competitive even when the person is not trying to earn a living as an artist. However, those who want to work in the world of art know that completing an arts administration master’s degree will give them a strong competitive edge. They will qualify for numerous positions with this credential.

Examples of Career Possibilities

A person with a master’s in arts administration may have the goal of becoming a museum curator or a gallery manager. Some galleries specialize in certain forms of art; painting is one of the more prevalent specialties. Some organizations have artistic directors and art sales executives. An individual might one day be in charge of selling high-quality pieces to large corporations that will be displayed in lobbies and executive offices.

An Impressive Accomplishment

Completing a master’s degree at a particularly esteemed institution is impressive to employers. Men and women who are interested in this opportunity may learn about the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) at the website https://www.saic.edu/.

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