Why Chevrolet is a Brand that Americans Love in Bolingbrook, IL

Chevrolet was the top-selling brand of all time on their 100th birthday in 2011. This brand became more than just a car company. They came out with snappy jingles and slogans that dominated television and radio. You can hear artists mention Chevys in over 700 songs. Read on to find out why Chevrolet dealer near Bolingbrook brand is loved by Americans.

The Great Depression

Chevrolet was the preferred American car from the mid-1930 to the end of the 1960s. This feat was difficult during the Great Depression because many companies had to shut down. History shows that businesses must find a way to sustain a company’s performance during difficult times.

Preferred Vehicle

This brand had an impact on American life. You would see Chevy’s commercials on television, and the brand kept coming out with better models. It also was the vehicle that American lower and middle class wanted to buy at that time and continue to drive.

Innovative Technology

Companies must continue to adapt to society and find ways to make an impact on the automotive industry. After selling 204 million cars and trucks, Chevrolet dealer Bolingbrook brand found a way to bring something new. Chevy invented the electric car with a generator to keep the batteries from dying and invented the sports utility vehicle.

This brand won America’s love with convenience, speed, style, and safety. If you want to buy a new car, then you need to start test driving and visiting dealerships. You can get help with financing and a chance to look through inventory. Contact Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet to find your dream car today.

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