Why Choose Granite Bathroom Countertops Main Line, PA Over Laminates

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Granite Supplier

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Have you been thinking about redoing the countertops in your bathroom? If so, then you have probably been trying to determine what type of countertop you want to get. You want to choose a quality material like granite, but you are not sure about it because of the cost when compared with laminate. While laminate can work in many instances, you will find that it simply does not have the same number or type of benefits that you can get from using granite bathroom countertops in a Main Line, PA home. Below, we will look at some of these benefits a bit more closely.

Granite Has Great Resale Value

One of the main reasons that so many people are excited about having granite rather than laminate is the resale value. Because laminate is cheaper to install, you will find that it simply does not hold the same resale value. When you invest in granite for your bathroom countertops, you will find that not only will it hold the resale value quite well, but it could also help to boost the current value of the property. This might be helpful if you are considering selling and want to have an effective way of upgrading the home.

Granite Is Highly Durable

Laminate is not a permanent solution, and it is not always going to age quite as well as you might have hoped. Granite, on the other hand, is extremely durable and it can stand up quite well to many types of issues. For example, it tends to be scratch resistant, as it can only be scratched by materials that have a higher hardness rating. They are not going to show the wear and tear like laminate will. Also, it is heat resistant. This means that setting a curling iron down on the countertop is not going to damage it. However, if you did this with laminate, you could end up with discoloration and damage to the surface.

Work With a Great Company

Always Work With a quality company that can offer you quality products and installation that is going to meet your needs. If you are looking for a company that can install your granite bathroom countertops in Main Line, PA, you will want to check out Cosmos Marble and Granite to see everything they can do for you.

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