Why Composite Wood Decks Are Better

If you are operating on a tight household budget, you may want to consider installing a deck that is made of a composite wood. One of the reasons why homeowners choose composite wood decks over ones fully made of wood is their ease of maintenance.

Therefore, between composite wood decks and decks made of wood, you will find maintenance easier when you choose a deck that is not made of solid wood. In addition, a deck made of a composite material is not susceptible, as wood can be, to insect infestation or to weather extremes. Most of the dirt and grime can be hosed off and smoke or mold can be removed with a basic household cleaner.

You Need to Treat Wood Deck Materials

Because the wood for a deck is extracted from a living tree, the decomposition process is continual. If you choose solid wood for a deck, you have to keep this in mind. Regular treatments are needed to prevent insect infestation.

In addition, composite wood decks do not rot as wood decks do. As a result, wood decks need to be repaired from time to time. The wood also needs to be finished with a stain so that it can withstand the elements. In most instances, you will need to stain the deck once a year. If you live in a harsher climate, plan to do so more frequently.

Most Homeowners Prefer a Composite Material

Because people like the look of wood but do not like the maintenance involved in caring for a wood deck, composite wood decks are preferred by homeowners, regardless of their budgets. When you choose a composite wood for a deck, you can select from a variety of solid wood looks that can be integrated into your landscape.

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