Why Connecticut Men Don’t Need to Worry About Pain During Hair Restoration

If you do not like the way that you look when you see yourself in the mirror, you have more options than you have ever had before to fix things. If you don’t like the way your nose looks, you can get rhinoplasty. Do you think your chin looks weak? You can get a chin implant. There is just about no part of your body that you cannot fix.

This is good news for men who are dealing with baldness because you can now restore your hair in a similar manner. Hair restoration in CT has helped many men restore their hairline and self-confidence. But there are some things that might prevent a man from getting hair restoration in CT. One of the most common worries preventing men from undergoing a hair transplant is the fear that the treatment is going to hurt.

However, when most men have this treatment done, they are surprised. They often say that there is no actual pain with the surgery. There might be some discomfort, but that discomfort is on par with getting a tooth repaired at the dentist. Just like when you are at the dentist, you are under the influence of a local anesthetic or numbing agent. There’s no real pain. Maybe some temporary and slight discomfort, but patients are completely numb the entire time. The biggest discomfort you are going to feel is needing to sit in a chair for 6-10 hours as the procedure is being done. Once the procedure is complete, you could experience some mild discomfort the night of surgery; however, this is usually preventable with pain medication provided by your doctor.

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