Why Crypto Scam Claims Are Increasing

A few years ago, cryptocurrency felt like the investment of the future. There were countless stories of people who got rich by purchasing Bitcoin, which led many people to invest in Bitcoin. However, the world of cryptocurrency was always poorly regulated, making it fertile ground for scammers. Solicitors such as Lincoln Green Solicitors are seeing more and more crypto scam claims come across their desk.

The Crypto Bubble Burst

For a little while, it seemed as if the excitement around cryptocurrency would never end. There were even TV ads promising quick riches by investing in cryptocurrency. This also led to an increase in scammers, who took advantage of cryptocurrency’s loose regulations.

Crypto goes through intense boom and bust cycles, and this recent period saw the crypto bubble burst. More and more people realised that the money they invested in crypto was not coming back, and that they had been promised returns that were not happening. This led to more people filing crypto scam claims.

Scammers Are Now Turning To Promising Returns

In a cruel irony, now that the crypto bubble burst, scammers are changing their tone to promising to get people’s money back that they lost in cryptocurrency investments. They target people through social media, take their money, and then of course no claim gets filed.

If you have reason to believe that you have grounds for a crypto scam claim, always file your claim with a solicitor and never share sensitive information online with strangers.

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