Why Drivers In New Jersey Should Consider A Full Synthetic Oil Change

Many people who own vehicles trust that the mechanic or New Jersey garage they use will always recommend the best possible parts, components, and products for their vehicle. They may also assume that natural or conventional types of motor oil are a better option than a man-made product, which is not the case for most drivers.

By choosing a full synthetic oil change, drivers can protect the engine of their vehicle, increase efficiency and performance, and help to reduce the wear and tear on engine parts. While conventional motor oils will do the same, the use of synthetic oils offers greater benefits that last over a significantly longer period of time before requiring another oil change.

Increased Mileage Per Oil Change

Most conventional types of motor oil are recommended for use for about 3000 miles before it will need to be changed. However, a lot of city driving, which is common with New Jersey drivers, can result in oil breakdown in less time.

The problem with conventional oil is the oil molecules are all different sizes. The shorter chains of smaller molecules break down faster in the heat of the engine, reducing the ability of the oil to protect parts.

With a full synthetic oil change, the oil in the engine is uniform in size and in long-chain molecules. These long chain molecules can stand up to high temperatures much longer, resulting in oil that provides protection for up to 2000 miles longer than conventional oil.

Increased Lubrication

By choosing a full synthetic oil change, drivers are adding an engine oil that is carefully engineered to stand up to the demands of modern engine technology. This oil has increased lubrication through the addition of specialized lubricants and dispersants which provide a uniform layer of oil over the surfaces of the engine.

This increased lubrication prevents parts from making contact, which further reduces wear and tear and keeps the engine running more efficiently with all types of driving.

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