Why Hand Dryers Are Better Than Paper Towels

Having a public restroom in your business is a great way to ingratiate yourself to customers. But there are major decisions you have to make when supplying one. One important question is whether to install a paper towel dispenser or a hand dryer. These are the factors that make fast hand dryers outshine paper towels.


Although a hand dryer may seem like a pricy investment initially, the machines pay for themselves in just a short amount of time. Over a few years, the cost of constant paper towel refills quickly overshadows the low energy cost associated with powering a dryer. And besides, isn’t the hassle of filling out order forms and then finding a place to store the towels trouble enough to justify buying a dryer?


From an environmental perspective, paper towels are an irresponsible option. Not only do discarded towels take up space in landfills, but the chemical byproducts of paper manufacturing also present an environmental hazard. On a smaller scale, fast hand dryers don’t generate the kind of waste in your restroom that paper towels do. People may discard their towel on the ground, or throw it into a toilet, creating a messy environment, or clogged pipe that someone has to clean up. Avoid the hassle and opt for a no-waste hand dryer.


You may have heard scary stories about hand dryers that blast microbes around the bathroom, but the truth is that there are rarely enough germs in the air, even in a public restroom, to make much of a difference. And after all, picking up and wiping with a paper towel is definitely a hands-on activity, while automatic dryers allow hands to stay germ-free after a vigorous scrubbing with soap and water.

Consider the monetary, environmental, and hygienic costs of paper towels. Fast hand dryers win out every time because they are less expensive, less messy, and more sanitary.

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