Why Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ann Arbor MI Is The Best Decision For Any Defendant?

Getting caught in the crosshairs of the legal system can be a scary thing. No one ever wants to see the inside of a jail cell, but it happens to people every day. Although some people will tell defendants that it’s okay for them to represent themselves in court, this is one of the biggest legal mistakes that anyone could make. Hiring a lawyer may not be required by law, but it is essential to a defendant’s success in the case. Read on for a brief explanation of why consulting legal counsel is a must for anyone facing criminal charges.

  • Just because prosecutors and investigators work in the legal system doesn’t mean they are above violating a defendant’s rights in order to get what they need to put them away for as long as possible. While their goal is to close cases and put criminals behind bars as quickly as possible, an attorney’s goal will be to advocate for their client to ensure that they don’t fall victim to unscrupulous tactics. Not only will a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ann Arbor MI, remain close to the defendant’s side and make sure they don’t do anything to endanger their case, they’ll also be hiring experts and conducting their own investigation on the defendant’s behalf, making sure that false evidence is exposed, and any favorable evidence comes to light.
  • There are some cases in which going to trial isn’t the best decision for a defendant to make. Unfortunately, the plea bargaining process can be difficult for those who have no idea how to obtain a fair deal. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ann Arbor MI will have extensive experience with negotiating plea deals and will know what to say to sway the prosecution toward the best possible deal for the client. If a viable plea deal cannot be reached, an attorney will have what it takes to prepare a legally sound trial case for their client.

The decision to take on criminal charges without the help of a defense attorney is rarely a smart one. Instead of trying to face what can seem like an insurmountable task without the proper help, it’s best for defendants to get in touch with Hermanowski Law today. They have the know-how necessary to help defendants figure out what needs to be done to move toward a favorable outcome of their case.

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