Why is Call Tracking in Tampa Important?

Call tracking in Tampa tells companies which keywords, campaigns, and channels are doing their job and generating calls. Call tracking does not stop there. It is capable of gathering data and measuring in-depth marketing metrics.

Five Marketing Metrics Gathered Only with Call Tracking

1.  Cost per lead

Do you know how much your leads cost you? If you are spending thousands on marketing, do you know how much your turnaround is? There are many ways to generate leads, and they are costly. Call tracking in Tampa gives you those vital stats needed to make sure you are investing in the proper marketing techniques by getting the cost-per-lead breakdown.

2.  Cost per acquisition

Are you aware of the cost required to land one customer? Your company is spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly to acquire new customers. Call tracking in Tampa provides you with a detailed breakdown of your marketing-to-profit expenditure ratio. You can use cost per acquisition to fine tune your profit ratio and save money on your marketing budget.

3.  Close Rate

Your close rate depends on how many of your calls are ending up in sales. The higher the close rate, the better your marketing skills. Close rate can be used to fine tune on each employee and monitor their conversions on each call. Call tracking in Tampa provides you with an in-depth close rate, which can help you with your training and maintaining your hiring and firing needs for your staff.

4. Lead Score

There are many ways to generate leads. Do you know though which leads are better than the other? Call tracking in Tampa can help you with that. If you are running more than one type of lead generation marketing campaign, then the lead score is a must for any marketing agency. It is a great way to fine tune your campaign and get maximum benefit with minimum expenditure.

5.  Missed Opportunity Indicator

There are new ways to track how many missed opportunities you had converting your leads. Call tracking in Tampa is one of the only ways that helps you measure the opportunity ratio of each and every call. It can be one of your best tools to improve your conversion and close ratios by utilizing further training methods to improve your calls.

Using call tracking is one of the best ways to fine tune your sales and marketing activities. Implement call tracking into your H.R. and training routines, and you can improve your conversion ratios greatly. Many more metrics that are covered, but these five are the ones that only call tracking is capable of handling.

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