Why It Pays to Rent a Mobile Crane From a Crane Company in Fort Myers

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Crane Service

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The demand for crane services has spiked over the last decade. Mobile cranes are the reason for this spike. Discover what makes these crane companies in Fort Myers so popular.


In the world of cranes, there are mobile cranes and tower cranes. Mobile cranes have the edge because they’re easier to maneuver. A mobile crane is like a car, and a tower crane is like a big rig truck. Because a mobile crane is so compact, it can access urban areas and heavily populated areas. Tower cranes are just too big. They’re not fit for these environments.

Less Hurdles

If you rent a mobile crane, you’ll set it up in no time. It’s possible to use the unit the same day that it arrives.


A mobile crane is compact, but it’s quite powerful. It’s more powerful than a tower crane. There are two reasons why this is possible. It has outriggers and heavy-duty axles. Together, these components are able to produce reliable hydraulic power, and hydraulic power can lift the heaviest objects to new heights.


There are a few reasons why a mobile crane is economical. First, you can set it up in an instant. There will be no additional setup costs. Second, because the setup process is so easy, there will be less downtime. If you’re on a strict schedule, you’ll always get the most out of a rental.

Rent a Crane

If you’d like to rent a crane from a crane company in Fort Myers, turn to La Grange Crane Service, Inc.

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