Why Off-Campus Housing in Bloomington Is Much Better Than Dorm Rooms

While it has long been told to incoming students that the best option for their college housing is simply to stay on campus and live in the college dorms, there are actually better options that you should consider before school begins. There are many great reasons why IU off-campus student housing is far superior when compared to dorm living.

Better Amenities

The amenities that are typically found in student apartments are significantly better than those in dorm rooms. Gyms, pools, and free parking are just a few of the things that a student can expect to enjoy when they move into a student apartment.

Make Your Own Rules

Dorm living consists of having to live by the rules of the college. There is actually a curfew set in place, and there are also rules as to who can and cannot stay the night. Since you are an adult, this seems to be a bit silly. Student apartment living gives you the chance to live on your own as an adult without someone constantly looking over your shoulder.

Develop Responsibility

Living on your own in IU’s off-campus student housing separate from campus lets you develop crucial life skills and personal responsibility. By doing such things as paying bills, doing your own shopping, as well as things like housekeeping, you are gaining experience that would be impossible to get by living on-campus.

If you are interested in checking out what off-campus living has to offer, please contact The Village at Muller Park at https://villagemp.com/.

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