Why Purchase Baldor Electric Motors?

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Industrial Supply

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When the topic of electric motors comes up, companies in Texas have their favorite models and brands. One name that continually makes the top 10 is Baldor. Baldor electric motors have a sterling reputation among many industries. The company continues to be popular for several reasons.

Why Choose Baldor?

The Baldor Electric Company began manufacturing electric motors in the 1920s. Their skill and innovative approach resulted in the company producing diverse motor options in both AC and DC. Their focus was and continues to be on providing their customers with affordable, innovative motors. The price is attractive, but the client base in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere across the United States choose Baldor electric motors for their ability to provide clients with a variety of positive and productive qualities. A Baldor electric motor has the following characteristics:

* Energy efficient: This results in low operating costs

* Power dense

* Durable

* Reliable

* Variable horsepower: This ranges between 1/50th to 15,000 Hp

* Smooth torque transitions

* Minimal cogging

* Better running time during maintenance periods

* Different enclosure options

* Many brush lengths

The company continues to improve their basic design, moving forward to provide customers with innovative designs and options. The result is a continuous improvement of an already excellent product.

Baldor Electric Motors

The Baldor Company produces a line of excellent electric motors. The company’s goal is to strive continually to retain their leadership in producing industrial electric motors that are affordable and offer high efficiency. In Texas, various companies find them suitable for diverse applications. From a simple AC or DC to an explosion proof electric motor, Baldor manufactures a line of quality, durable and reliable products. The dedication of the company to superior technical innovative solutions results shows in all Baldor electric motors, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction among both small and large industrial operations.

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