Why Quick Disconnect Fittings Work So Well

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Hydraulic

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In many applications, you will find a variety of fittings and couplings. They work very specifically and are often designed to meet the intense job of the system on hand. Quick disconnect fittings are very valuable to the operation of any fluid or air transfer system. And, because of the work they do, and how they do it, they are going to be one of the most important components of your system to keep running properly. But, why are they so important? This comes down to the way they work and just how simple they are to operate.

Why They Matter So Much

The quick disconnect fittings, which are also called quick connect couplings, work to allow the transfer of fluid through the lines. They connect two lines to each other. Unlike other systems, which would require tools such as a wrench or power tools to operate, this type of fitting does not. A person – with or without any tools – is able to quickly connect or disconnect the two components to each other. By doing this, it is possible to eliminate the gap of time necessary to find a tool or to make a decision to turn the movement of fluids off. It is a faster and often safer solution for many applications for this reason.

When it comes to obtaining and using quick disconnect fittings, a variety of products exist. It is important to choose a product for the right application, such as agricultural, automotive, or industrial. In addition to this, it becomes necessary to consider the type of fluid or product that is moving through the lines. Then, choose the right construction. Steel is most common though other options exist as well. From here, it is essential to choose fittings designed for the amount of pressure present.

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