Why Student Apartments are a Better Option Than College Dorms

Many incoming college students automatically assume that living in a dormitory is the way to go. However, this is what the university wants them to believe because they make a lot of money from renting out the dorm rooms. In reality, you get a bigger bang for your buck when you live in campus area housing at UW Madison. There are plenty of reasons why this is so.

Choose Your Roommate

For one thing, when you live in a dorm, you don’t get to pick who you share a room with. The college randomly chooses someone for you. This is not the case when you make the decision to live in your own student apartment. You can pick whoever you want to live with you. On the other hand, you can live completely by yourself as long as you can afford it. It definitely avoids any uncomfortable situations that are bound to arise from staying with someone who is a total stranger.

Close Proximity

Contrary to popular belief, student housing is actually located pretty close to the actual campus. This relieves students of the worry of having to figure out how they will reliably get to school. There is always public transportation available if you do not own a car with which to get there.

Modern Amenities

While colleges do offer some amenities to residents, they simply cannot compare to those offered by campus area housing at UW Madison. Such things as modern full-sized appliances and dedicated exercise and game rooms are just a bit of what you’ll receive when you move in.

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