Why You May Need an Attorney for Medical Negligence

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Lawyers

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Situations such as respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, or accidents can be easily accepted as causes of death. What many don’t realize is that medical negligence causes more deaths than any of these. Propublica found that it is the third most common cause of death in the United States. Forbes reported that in a single year it resulted in over $3 billion worth of claims, one every 43 minutes. If it should happen, you can use a medical negligence lawyer to claim compensation and bring the accused to justice.

1. Severity of Injuries

Despite the high statistics, few people actually claim for malpractice compensation as most lawyers will require proof that the extent of injuries are ‘substantial’. Regardless, it is best to at least make an appointment to discuss what can be done for you.

2. Owning Up

Not all medical practitioners will admit to making a mistake as they will be trying to avoid legal trouble. In many cases the malpractice is noticeable enough anyway or can be spotted by another medical professional. In other cases, the person who made the mistake will own up to it and apologize in an attempt to lessen their sentence. In either case, it is still best to contact a medical negligence lawyer so that proper justice is done.

3. Insurance

Most insurance companies will want to settle directly with the patient and avoid contact with lawyers in order to make the process easier. It may be tempting to take this step and avoid hassle. But this makes it easy for the insurance company or the accused to get away with the mistake or for the patient to not receive the full amount they are owed or need.

Even if you have received an apology or think your injuries aren’t severe enough to claim, contact a specialist malpractice attorney anyway to receive the financial compensation you require.

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