Why You Might Need Custom Hydraulic Cylinders in Athens, Tennessee

There are times when a mass-produced off the shelf hydraulic cylinder will work. For some applications, having a hydraulic cylinder custom made is the wiser option for your application. When should you choose a custom cylinder?

Mass-Produced Cylinders

If you are building a machine yourself, you can design it so commercial cylinders will suffice. For an existing machine, the mass-produced cylinder may not fit the bore of your machine exactly because you only have a few diameters to choose from. When it comes to rod material an off the shelf cylinder doesn’t give you many choices.

Custom Made Cylinders

If you need a cylinder that can stand up to extreme conditions like uncommon heat or cold custom hydraulic cylinders are your best choice. If you want to keep your machine in spec, you’ll want to go with the custom cylinder. With a cylinder that is bespoke, you determine the length, diameter, and the material from which the cylinder is made.

Custom Cylinder Options

For satisfy unique mounting requirements, buy custom hydraulic cylinders from experienced suppliers. Unique port and pin locations are not an issue. Custom cylinders are ideal for machines with unusually long strokes and bore diameters. Custom cylinders can be constructed from unusual materials and treated with special coatings and finishes if necessary. Electronics, manifolds, and valves can be contained within a custom cylinder.


Custom hydraulic cylinders reduce machine downtime. An ill-fitting mass-produced hydraulic cylinder can cause more frequent break downs. A commercial cylinder in a hard to access location extends repair time.

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