Why You Should Get Window Gates

You can’t plan for all of life’s events; sometimes accidents happen and windows are left open. Open windows can lead to children falling out or criminals coming in. Is there any way to prevent this? Luckily, there are gates that can be installed to prevent these events. Here are a few reasons you should get a window gate in NYC.

Protection from the inside: When a window is left open, or is not closed securely, it is an invitation for children to fall out. It does not matter if the window is on the second floor or the 22nd floor; a child who falls from a window will have disastrous consequences. Gates keep children and other people on the inside of the building, and prevents disastrous accidents.

Security from the outside: If you have a window that is accessible from the street, then you are at risk of having burglars and thieves entering your home. A gate prevents outsiders from entering from the window. Additionally, gates lock from the inside, so they cannot be picked by criminals who want to break in.

Easy installation: You may think that gates are hard to install and hard to operate. However, if you find the right people to install it on your window, the installation process is simple. Additionally, it is easy to operate the gates. In the case of an emergency in which you need to have the gate opened, it is easy to release the lock.

A window gate in NYC can be lifesaving. The gates protect anyone, especially children, from falling out of windows and causing a tragedy. They also provide security against criminals who may want to break in. And they are easy to operate so they can be opened in an emergency. Don’t wait, install one now.

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