Why Your Bar Mitzvah Deserve a Photo Booth

Does your child have an upcoming bar or bat mitzvah? You want to be sure that the celebration is memorable and that you have plenty of photos to look back on as time goes on. The easiest way to accommodate this is by choosing to rent a photo booth in New York. We’ll explain all the reasons you need to rent one below.

Simple Entertainment

While you will likely have other entertainment, a photo booth is fantastic for interactive enjoyment. No matter what religion your guests are, they’re sure to enjoy using props and taking funny phones with friends. You can even choose a booth that allows video recording so that guests can leave messages for the newly minted man or woman. It’s a great way to add an extra spark to the event.

Animated GIFs

Many photo booths go beyond static photos and also allow for the creation of GIFs. This can offer a touch of the atmosphere of the party. You’ll see the energy and feel the sound of the event. Make sure to talk with your rental company to determine if GIFs can be accommodated. The younger group at the party will love it.

Customized Guest Books

Everyone loves to sign a guestbook, but it’s even more fun to paste in a photo with a short caption. You can have a physical guestbook that offers this possibility. All of the friends and family can glue in photos of their time at the party. Your child will be able to look through it whenever they like to experience the day over and over again.

Extra Photography

While you may have a professional photographer there to take in every moment, some guests might feel left out if they don’t end up in the photos. This is mainly an issue if the event has lots of guests. Let everyone be a part of the memories by allowing them to take their own photos in your rented booth.

Real Memories

Guests always appreciate being able to decide how they are memorialized in photo. With a photographer, less candid moment that shows the style of the guest are possible. However, a photo booth closes the gap and lets the person choose the post and props they most enjoy.

Rentals for the Day

At Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events, we offer various photo booths for your event. You can add a logo, allow video message, or even add on a scrapbook for the event.

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