Wood Chips In St. Paul MN Have Some Surprising Uses

Wood chips are one of the best mulch materials for shrubs and newly planted trees. Landscape specialists evaluated the landscape mulch potential of other organic materials. Among them were grass clippings, composts, bark, and wood chips. Wood chips were proven to be one of the best mulches in terms of temperature moderation, moisture retention, and weed control.

Wood chips have bark, leaves and wood mixed among them. The physical and chemical diversity of these materials resists the compaction when sawdust will not. The materials vary in their decomposition rate and size which is helpful in a soil that is more resistant to disturbances of an environmental nature. wood chips in St. Paul MN promote a healthy plant population. Wood chips are considered to be slow to decompose since their tissues are rich in natural compounds. This is another value of wood chips; they supply nutrients slowly to the soil system. They absorb large amounts of water that is released slowly into the soil.

Arborist wood chips provide incredible weed control in landscapes where plants and shrubs grow. Some arborists believe that wood chips do not allow nitrogen into the soil which is needed for weeds to grow, but no one really knows. However, wood chips last a long time since they decompose slowly, and the home gardener will not have to worry about pulling weeds or applying harmful chemicals to ornamental beds.
Wood chip mulches add nutrients to the soil and they do not add harmful pathogens. Wood chips do not attract pests and they do not create an environment for drying out the soil. To the contrary, wood chips add moisture to the soil in a slow release process.

The most important value of wood chips in St. Paul MN is the many wonderful and amazing uses of wood chips in landscape work. They are more than mulches; they are nutrients for soil, and water retention material for plants and shrubs. They are one of the most useful and amazing by-products of forest and tree conservation work. They can also add beauty to the landscape. Wood chips are free at a community wood chip recycling center. Our society uses products such as wood chips to improve sustainability.

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