Your Home in St. Paul Deserves Bespoke Stone Kitchen Countertops

When you’re looking for kitchen countertops near St. Paul, don’t settle for the ordinary. A stone design studio can provide you with something unique, bringing your vision to life. By choosing carefully curated, premium stone countertops from a designer, you are ensured a one-of-a-kind, bespoke countertop.

Let a designer help you choose the perfect slab of marble, quartzite, granite, or soapstone to complement your environment. Curated designer kitchen countertops near St. Paul can make your dream home complete.

Granite is the hardest and most durable stone countertop. It’s resistant to scratching, dings, and dents, and it’s heat-proof. While most people imagine granite as a dark gray, speckled stone, it is also available in lighter shades and various grain patterns.

Marble is the stone favored by the ancients, who crafted it into temples, statues, and monuments. Its pure white surface crisscrossed with bold, gray veins makes both a classical and modern statement in your home. The elegance conveyed by marble can not be understated.

Soapstone is an affordable, natural stone alternative to both granite and marble. It’s a softer stone, so more care needs to be taken when it comes to scratches and dents. Soapstone countertops are available in shades ranging from nearly black to pale gray. The speckles and grain of each slab are unique.

Finally, quartzite is a very hard, natural stone that comes in a stunning range of colors and grain patterns. From pure white and black slabs to translucent shades of gray, amber, and blue, quartzite is stunning.

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