Your Primer to Touring in a Helicopter

A ride in a helicopter may be a little nervous nail-biting and a great experience. Here is a quick primer on how to take a tour in a helicopter.

Quick Start

1. Contact the helicopter company and reserve your tour.

2. Bring your camera, but keep the bags in the car. Any loose objects are best left behind. Only bring your camera, but no cases.

3. The pilot can select to remove the doors. Do not be alarmed if this happens because this is for your convenience. The doors are not incredibly useful anyway; they are only for wind and temperature.

4. Use the below checklist, and try to enjoy the ride. Think of it like an elevator ride – only much more thrilling. Are you scared of heights? Many pilots have acrophobia too. You might actually find it comfortable to be in the security of a helicopter with an experienced pilot at the wheel.

Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Your Helicopter Tour

This useful checklist of questions will help prepare you for your helicopter tour. You can use this checklist when deciding between several different tours available. Instead of hesitating with fear, make an attempt to get answers so that you can prepare or the excursion.

1. Exactly how much time do I get for my helicopter tour?
2. Can you give me a guaranteed window seat?
3. How many passengers will be in the helicopter?
4. Which areas will we be traveling over in the helicopter?
5. Can ensure a comfortable chair? (This is very important if you want to take photos from the helicopter!)
6. How close will this helicopter travel to nearby landmarks?
7. Is a tour with helicopter doors possible?
8. Where are the helicopters from?
9. Are we flexible on the timing and the route of the journey?
10. Do you offer special rates?

Points to Remember
After your first flight, you feel congested with information and sensory overload, which of course comes with any flight. Book another tour soon to absorb more of the experience.

The pilot is primarily a pilot, not necessarily a tour guide. Pilots are looking for sights to show you. It is a good idea to write down questions because you will find some great points of interest along the way. Just keep in mind that they may not be able to respond in great detail while flying. Of course, some helicopter tours may offer tour guides as well.

Wear a dark or black shirt, if you’re going on a “doors-off” helicopter tour with the polarization filters, your light clothes will only reflect the sunlight through the windows and possibly ruin your photos.

Finally, relax and have fun! Riding in a helicopter is not something that everybody will get to do.

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