3 Important Tips to Follow for Proper Tile Maintenance and Care

Every home is sacred in one way or another, and the best way to keep it that way is to take good care of it. Things like preventative maintenance are necessary to ensure your home is in shape. The same thing goes for your tile, as proper care ensures it will remain presentable and intact. Here are three important tips to follow for proper tile maintenance and care:

1.Remove Dirt and Debris Daily

Take a broom, vacuum, mop, or any other floor cleaning device and clean the floor daily to ensure there is no dirt on the surface. Dirt and debris can easily damage the tile faster than anything else can. The textured tile should be cleaned with special attention since dirt can be harder to remove from the surface. Daily cleaning prevents dirty and stained tile.

2.Address Chipped or Broken Tiles Immediately

If you notice a tile that is chipped or broken in any way, it is best to take care of that as soon as you see it. This avoids the problem of becoming a bigger one. The more chipped and broken tiles there are, the more time and money you will spend repairing it. This same maintenance should take place for loose tiles as well.

3.Seal Non-Epoxy Joints

Once the grout has dried, it is best to seal open areas with a silicone sealer. This is important because grout is porous and can take in fluids that come across the surface. If this happens too often, it can result in mold, cracks, splits, and other issues. Be sure to practice preventative maintenance during the application process as well to prevent problems down the line.

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