What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Dentists that practice holistic dentistry in Downers Grove are those professionals that offer their patients dental care that improves not only their oral health, but their overall health as well. A dentist that practices holistic dentistry will pay particular attention to such things as ensuring that materials that are used are compatible with your body chemistry and to employ minimally invasive procedures which have minimum impact on the healing process. A holistic dentist will often see that the real cause of an oral problem is from something else that is wrong in the body.

How does a holistic dentist help patients?

As holistic dentistry sees that physical, emotional and spiritual well being is interlaced, the dentist educates his or her patients on lifestyle changes. The dentist may feel that a properly balanced diet will have a direct affect on the overall health of the patient’s gums and teeth. In many cases the dentist will suggest certain natural vitamin supplements or herbal remedies to ensure all-round wellness.

Holistic dentistry refrains from the use or application of any toxic materials such as mercury which is the base of amalgam fillings. In lieu of amalgam, a holistic dentist will use alternatives which have been proven safe. As mercury is a dangerous metal, may holistic dentists will suggest to their patients that existing amalgam fillings be removed and replaced with a safe alternative.

The positive effect on a patients well being:

Without healthy teeth and gums it is difficult for an individual to eat, speak and feel comfortable. It is a known fact that preventing or correcting a bad bite enhances the quality of sleep, reduces neck pain as well as earaches and migraines which are related to TMJ.

These are but a few of the measures that are employed in holistic dentistry. A dentist that practices holistic dentistry in Downers Grove is dedicated to improving the entire being of his or her patients.

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